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Training Elite Estheticians Since 2002

The Skin Institute Internationale is a sophisticated skin care training institution located on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Oahu.

Esthetics Program

  • 600 Total Course Hours
  • Three flexible track options

Full-time day

Part-time day

Part-time evening

TSII Hawaii Elite Esthetics

Our state-of-the-art facility has all the new facial technology and equipment. We have compassionate esthetics instructors who are experts in all aspects of the spa industry. Students gain real spa experience in the bustling TSII spa while using the highest quality products available.



An Esthetician is a licensed skin care professional who is highly skilled in the art of makeup, facials, waxing, lash and brow tinting, acne treatments, chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, ultrasound facials and microcurrent. Medical estheticians have additional knowledge and skills in advanced machines, pre & post patient care, advanced chemical peeling and often laser training.

Estheticians are individuals who enjoy helping others with their skin care needs. They thrive on the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of their clients. They are especially adept at helping people feel beautiful through their craft.


What Our Students Say


“I got hired just two days after graduating from TSII. Thanks to Ms. Ronnow for introducing me to a spa owner, who was looking for an esthetician. I found a love for waxing at school. I now specialize in full body waxing & created my own protocol for vajacials! I also specialize in facials, brow tinting and lash lifts/tinting. My new boss is amazing to work for and gives me my freedom as an esthetician! This allows me to get creative with the treatments my work provides! I’m so grateful for the knowledge I gained at TSII! Together with my class, our amazing experiences, my journey to become an esthy, and the challenges that naturally came with going to school and what we went through, we conquered it together! I absolutely love what I do and I am learning everyday how to be better at my job.”


“I graduated from TSII in March of 2019 and my experience in this industry has been more than I ever expected. Since graduation I’ve been working at Boldface in Ward doing lash extensions and also at Honolulu Spa and Wellness in Ala Moana doing facials. What brought me to become an Esthetician was that I always wanted to learn more about the skin and how to take better care of it. This industry is always changing so you can never stop learning new skills! I’m glad I attended TSII for the knowledge, tools, skills, and mentors they provided. Thank you to Mary and Lieren for the opportunity!”


“I completed TSII esthetics program March 2018 and instantly landed a job at Fine Line Studio in Pearl City, HI. I recently just made a year here and I’ve been loving it, I specialize in Brazilian waxing, Facials, and Facial Treatments. TSII prepared and guided me to be the Esthetician I am today. I’ve learned so much, from learning basic and advanced treatments/protocols in facials and waxing, proper etiquette, resume writing and mock interviews. I definitely gained a lot from this program and it shows, because not only have I become an esthetician, but also a better person overall. I will forever be grateful for TSII and their loving staff. They’re motivating and truly want the best for their students.”


“You would think going to school for 5 days a week for 6 months and sitting in traffic for 2-3 hours every time sounds like a complete drag. Put yourself in my shoes, as someone who was always intrigued in all things skincare and beauty at a very young age. TSII helped me rediscover the side of me who loved just that. I did not regret my decision for enrolling one bit! During my time there I got to meet an amazing group of individuals, connect with clients, and expand my knowledge in all things skincare. Although this route can be a very individualized profession, I got an overwhelming amount of support from my instructors and my fellow classmates. I would like to thank everyone at TSII again because they prepared and allowed me the experience to work in two different spas.”


“I went to TSII while living in Hawaii. I since have moved to Savannah has recently moved to Utah and I am now working at Dr. Marion Plastic Surgery and Med Spa. I am a master esthetician, certified laser technician, and is training to become a medical assistant. I often do laser hair removal or assisting Dr. Marion in office procedures and consultations. I love my job and I am so grateful to The Skin Institute International for preparing me for my dream job”


“I graduated from TSII in November of 2018 and became a licensed esthetician in February. I currently work at Honolulu Spa and Wellness as an esthetician in Ala Moana. To me, being an esthetician is more than giving someone a facial, It’s about understanding the structure of the skin. TSII was very detail oriented and made my esthetician journey very enjoyable! Because of TSII, I became more interested in physiology, external, and internal organs, which is why I am going back to school to major in surgical technology. TSII has opened so many pathways for me and prepared me to be the best esthetician I can be. I am truly grateful for the staff and instructors!”

Gigi“I am an Esthetician because it is an inspiring career. Human touch is so powerful and transforming, that it gives me great pleasure. I yearn to help others with their whole well-being because I believe everything that we do affects our skin. I have a passion for helping people. I desire to uplift them, rebuild their confidence, and improve their quality of life. The beauty industry is always advancing, so I am always doing my best to learn new products, treatments, and technology.

I am currently located inside of Fine Line Studio in Pearl City, Hawaii. My services include Facials, Body Waxing, Diamond Microdermabrasion, HydraFacials, Radiofrequency Therapy, Oxygen Infusion, Cold Therapy, and Skin Scrubbing.

I have always envisioned owning my own business, and it was always a plan of mine while going to school. Although those plans were put on hold, I love what I do because it gives me the opportunity to put others before myself.”

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